Announcement from the Ministry of Justice

Family mediation voucher scheme
Announcement from the Ministry of Justice
April 8th, 2021

The MOJ is investing £1,000,000 in a family mediation voucher scheme.

This scheme will pay up to £500 per case/family to specified mediators to carry out mediation for issues relating to children but not for the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) or paperwork.

Mediators must be registered with the MOJ and authorised to offer the scheme. The mediator will be able to set out and advise on the parameter of the scheme when each party attends. Once both parties give consent, the mediator will be able to make an application to the Family Mediation Council (FMC) and, if granted, the payment will be made direct to the mediator.

The mediation must be concerning issues relating to a child and if the parties then raise issues in respect of financial matters then that will not affect the eligibility for the scheme.

The scheme was opened to parties from 26 March 2021 and will continue until the fund runs out.

When attending mediation, you must ensure your selected mediator can offer the scheme and has been registered with the FMC for this voucher scheme.

If a party is eligible for legal aid, which is not being detailed in this note, they must inform the mediator and it might be that the voucher could be used to fund the costs of the non-legal aid party or future mediation sessions.

Part of the thinking behind offering such a scheme, is following acknowledgment of the backlog of cases in the family court, to give parties the option to use alternative means to resolve issues and this may result in fewer applications being submitted to the court.

If you have any issues concerning your children, then get in touch to make a prompt referral to a mediator that has been registered with the FMC and can offer the voucher scheme.

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